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Basil Phillips BA., RMT

I graduated from Carleton University with a double major in Sociology and Law. Law school was calling, but it was not my true calling. So I did return to school, but to Algonquin College where I completed the Massage Therapy Program and graduated in 2000. I have been practicing since 2000 as a RMT.

Sports have always been my passion, so it was with great desire and pleasure that I pursued to combine my love of sports with my love of massage. SMART HANDS was founded for this purpose. Sports Massage And Relaxation Therapy (SMART!) are my areas of focus. I hope to treat the source of the impairments and return my clients to full function as quickly as possible. I am focused on results and I am focused on the needs and wants of my clients.

I have worked with athletes of all levels, from amateur athletes to weekend warriors to national, Olympic and professional athletes. I have been registered with the Canadian Sport Centre Ontario as a therapist working to provide massage therapy to carded provincial athletes. I believe in working with the athletes and their individual training schedules to provide the best therapy fitting in at the best time.

Everything from repetitive strain and posture related impairments to pregnancy and stress related issues, I hope to provide the best care at all times. I believe in helping those who help themselves, so home care is an important part of my therapy session. I provide exercises that you can do while at home or at work or on the go to supplement the therapy you receive and hopefully make your progress that much quicker.

A high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals. So, please spread the word!


103 Elfin Grove

Stittsville, Ont., K2V 0B8





Mon - Fri:




9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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